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14 February 2012

Branch secretaries in the arts and entertainment, BBC and independent broadcasting divisions of BECTU were sent a comprehensive document last week setting out the timetable and the ground rules for the election of one of the two posts of assistant general secretary.

The nomination period opened on 6 February and will close on 28 March at 12 noon. All branches within the three named divisions are entitled to nominate.

Members can login to access the branch circular here.

If a ballot is required voting will open on 16 April and will continue until 28 May when the ballot closes after annual conference.

The branch circular, issued by general secretary Gerry Morrissey, set the context for the current election:

 "Luke Crawley was elected as Assistant General Secretary for the Arts and Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting divisions with effect from 8 June 2007. Under the rules of BECTU, and in law, the office is subject to re-election within five years. The ballot will be conducted under the Alternative Vote System."

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