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Regional theatre staff seek RPI increase from April

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15 December 2011

BECTU is seeking an RPI increase on all rates for staff working in regional theatres.

The claim was submitted last month to the employers' group, the Theatrical Management Association (TMA), ahead of the review expected on 1 April 2012.

Writing to Lucinda Harvey, the TMA's head of employment relations, BECTU's supervisory official, Willy Donaghy said:

"BECTU’s negotiating committee seek to ensure that the award is a straightforward increase on the minimum rates in the collective agreement with no strings attached.  

"It goes without saying that BECTU members throughout the theatre industry are aware of the economic difficulties facing the industry but they are also aware that their wages have been falling in real terms in recent years.

"I look forward to receiving a formal response from TMA and to commencing negotiations at the earliest opportunity."

The 2010/11 review turned out to be protracted due to the employers' tabling of changes to terms and conditions linked to a low pay offer; consultations with members and some movement in the employers' position meant the discussions were finally concluded in September 2011 with confirmation of a two per cent pay award backdated to April 2011.

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