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2 December 2011

Next Tuesday 6th December BECTU is organising a lobby of Parliament about the cuts proposed at the BBC.

 We are asking all BECTU members across the union to come along between 3.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. and speak to their MP about the damage that will be caused if Delivering Quality First is allowed to go through unopposed. This will be followed by a public meeting in Committee Room 14 at 6.30 p.m. General Secretary Gerry Morrissey will address the meeting along with other keynote speakers.

The cuts include the loss of 2,000 jobs which is more than 10% of the current workforce. It is in addition to the 7,000 jobs lost at the BBC since 2005. The BBC is now appearing to have second thoughts about forcing through drastic cuts in local radio but it would seem that funds can only be found to be put back into local radio if they are cut from somewhere else.

BECTU members have also objected strongly to the proposed move of production from Birmingham to Bristol which seems very likely to cost the BBC money rather than making any savings. We are demanding that this proposal should form part of the public consultation which closes on 21st December 2011.

The BBC claims it is becoming less London–centric but despite this there are deep cuts in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The English Regions is also facing budget cuts and will be struggling to deliver quality programmes.

If you want to lobby your MP on Tuesday just come to the St Stephens Entrance of the House of Parliament. If you have already arranged to see your MP then go to the Central Lobby and wait for them. If you have not arranged to meet them but they are in the House then you can ask at the Central Lobby for a message to be taken to your MP.

We are also asking members working at the BBC to write to your MP. Please tell them, in your own words what the impact of these changes will be on the BBC where you work.

  • Introduce yourself and say where you live/work
  • Clearly and simply explain about the campaign
  • Give examples of how you are affected and why you oppose the cuts
  • Be specific about what you would like your MP to do (i.e. participate in the BBC’s public consultation, contact the BBC Trust and local BBC management, raise the issues with the Minister, ask questions in Parliament)
  • If you are coming to the lobby on Tuesday 6th December let them know and ask if they will meet you.

You can find your MP and send them a message here .