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11 November 2011

Union members are continuing to vote on a call for strike action in opposition to Delivering Quality First, BBC management's latest cuts programme.

Two thousand job cuts are threatened along with major cuts to key staff terms and conditions which the unions believe will damage programme output countrywide and harm the BBC's worldwide reputation for excellence.

The ballots, which are being run by BECTU, the NUJ and Unite, close at 12 noon on Thursday 24 November.

More members' meetings have taken place this week to discuss the joint union strategy on DQF. Related stories here.

BECTU reps will meet to discuss next steps once the ballot has closed.

Joint lobby of Parliament, 6 December

In the meantime, preparations are underway for a joint union lobby of Parliament on Tuesday 6 December. A day of events in Committee Room 14 will bring union members together (2 - 3pm) ahead of a lobby of MPs (3 -5pm) and will conclude with a public meeting with keynote speakers from 6.30pm. More details to follow.

The joint unions are campaigning hard for a 'yes' vote in the ballot; the unions' short-term aim is to secure a full commitment from BBC managers to negotiation.

Deadlines for changes to pay for new starters (April 2012) and for cuts in staff rights to accrue redundancy benefits (September 2013) have angered the unions as they come before formal negotiations on DQF have commenced.

Birmingham Factual

TV and radio production teams have voiced their opposition to DQF with union members in Birmingham backing a campaign to stop the planned relocation of factual production to Bristol.

"The current ballots are vital for the future of staff and for the BBC itself and we want everyone to use their vote," commented BECTU general secretary, Gerry Morrissey.

BECTU has already warned that primetime programmes, such as Strictly Come Dancing and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, will be targetted if a strike mandate is secured and if the BBC refuses to lift the deadlines as part of a clear commitment to effective negotiation.


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