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New entrants deserve better, says BECTU

The Creative Toolkit icon, a red computer mouse with tools coming off it. The Creative Toolkit site will help new entrants to avoid exploitation

16 August 2011

The current issue of BECTU's journal, Stage Screen and Radio, carries a two-page feature highlighting action by the union to tackle the exploitation which many new entrants face.

Headlined, Exploitation: Fighting Back, the piece by journal editor, Janice Turner, highlights the support the union offers to members by backing complaints to key agencies, such as the HMRC, challenging employers and continuing to press the case for stronger enforcement of the national minimum wage regulations.

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The piece also points to this month's soft launch of a new website for new entrants to the media and entertainment sectors. Creative Toolkit, created by BECTU with the support of the Union Modernisation Fund, is now online at 

The site will help new entrants to understand their rights and, it is hoped, help many to avoid exploitation. New entrants are invited to register to use the site, to share experiences with the site community and to post a profile. Site developments can be followed on twitter @creativetoolkit  


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