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BECTU members support TUC march

BECTU members in Hyde Park

30 March 2011

Thanks to all who marched on Saturday 26 March.

BECTU members and officials were out in force on Saturday and joined with hundreds of thousands of trade unionists marching through central London.

It was one of the biggest marches for a decade with more than 400,000 people walking from the Embankment to Hyde Park. Trade union members from dozens of unions from all over the country came down to London to tell the Con-Dem coalition in no uncertain terms that they opposed the speed and severity of the cuts being forced through. The cuts will fall mainly on workers in the public sector but will also have a direct impact on our members in theatres and the BBC. The determination to cut too deeply and too quickly will also have an indirect effect on the economy by increasing unemployment and prolonging the recession. This will have an impact on all BECTU members as people will have less money to spend on entertainment generally and that is where our members work.

We were accompanied on the march by members of Equity and the NUJ with the Musicians Union providing a musical accompaniment which helped pass the time while we waited to start and keeping our spirits up whilst we walked.

There were BECTU members from every division of the union with many starting early and travelling hundreds off miles to show their support. A big thank you to everyone who made the effort to come along. Unless the government changes its mind it is likely to be the first of many so see you next time.

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