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25 January 2011

Members in regional theatre are voting on a revised pay offer from the Theatrical Management Association (TMA). The ballot got underway yesterday (Monday 24 January) and will close at noon on Friday 11 February.

On offer now from the theatre managers is a 1.5 per cent increase to the minimum pay rates set out in the TMA/BECTU agreement with effect from April 2010.

An earlier offer, rejected by members, invited consideration of either a one or two per cent increase linked to changes in some fundamental terms. BECTU warned that the offer was likely to be rejected and so it was.

Proposed get-out changes dropped

Talks since November have resulted in agreement to drop the proposal to alter staffing arrangements for get-outs; however management remain wedded to some of the proposed changes to conditions.

Members are advised to review the relevant sections of management's October 2010 offer carefully as they consider the latest proposal tabled earlier this month (nb: on 13 January 2011 not 2010 as the letter states in error).

 Writing to members, Willy Donaghy, supervisory official said:

"The union’s negotiating committee has not met to consider the offer so there is no recommendation to accept or reject, and members are urged to judge the offer on its merits.

"You will note that the offer would "buy out" pick up payments for front of house staff, include a new film and tv clause, and change the wording of the clause for the minimum 3.5 hour call so that it can include more than one performance of eg children’s shows.

"The proposal to change the get-out staffing arrangements has been dropped."

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