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Pensions: joint unions and the BBC will meet again

BECTU's pay and pensions campaign logo. BBC management and joint union officials are likely to meet next week to clarify certain aspects of the BBC's planned pensions changes.

12 November 2010

Joint union officials will meet senior BBC management within a week of the 15 November, the closing date of the Corporation's formal pensions consultation.

Agreement on this further discussion, reached yesterday (11 November) after talks with BECTU general secretary, Gerry Morrissey, on behalf of the joint unions, led the NUJ to announce the cancellation of its 48-hour strike called for 15 and 16 November.

Responding to Gerry Morrissey's letter for the joint unions seeking clarification on the BBC's plans for the implementation of its pensions changes, the BBC stated:

"While the BBC cannot afford to amend further the pension reform proposals, we would of course meet with the joint unions at NJC level, chaired by yourself, within one week of the end of the statutory consultation period on 15 November 2010, to discuss points of clarification in relation to the stated new arrangements as outlined in your letter."



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