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27 October 2010

BECTU is pressing the Arts Council 'not to slice the cake too thinly' as it considers how best to implement the government's demand for a 30 per cent budget cut.

The Arts Council confirmed yesterday that it will be advising organisations currently in receipt of grants that funding from April 2011 will be 6.9 per cent lower than this year.

Whilst the Arts Council faces a 30 per cent cut in its government grant, the stipulation is that 'regularly funded organisations' should not suffer more than a 15 per cent cut in their funding over the next four years.

In addition, all arts bodies wishing to secure funding for the three years from April 2012 will be invited to submit their bids in January 2011. The Arts Council has committed to responding to applications by March 2011.

Commenting on the Arts Council's announcements, Gerry Morrissey, general secretary said:

"There is no doubt that budget cuts will test organisations both large and small. We are particularly concerned, looking ahead, that the Arts Council should set clear parameters for all organisations looking to secure ACE support from 2012."

"The cake will be smaller but it is essential, for the good health of the sector, that successful organisations, often operating on tight budgets, are not made unviable because of the requirement to run a more open application process at a time of cutbacks."