News headlines 2002

News headlines in chronological order

January 2002 to December 2002

December 2002

A further women's Organising for Growth course is to be held in January 2003.

Another meeting has been held to discuss pay grading and UPAs at the BBC.

A vote on union recognition at a BSkyB call centre is likely to start in January.

A London rally in support of firefighters is still on despite suspension of their strike.

An Early Day Motion in Parliament is calling for protection of regional ITV programming.

A new pay offer has settled a dispute that was heading for industrial action.

November 2002

BECTU is backing a TUC call for trade unionists to join an FBU rally in London.

More protection for regional TV is needed in new legislation, says BECTU.

A national award has been won by the BECTU-supported training initiative FT2

A safety checklist has been issued to BECTU representatives ahead of a firefighters' walkout.

BECTU is running an industrial action ballot after pay talks collapsed at ACAS.

BECTU has accused BSkyB of using underhand tactics to head off compulsory union recognition.

BECTU's regional theatre members have voted to accept minimum pay proposals.

BECTU has issued a standard confirmation of booking letter for freelances.

October 2002

Elections for BECTU's General Secretary and one of the Assistant General Secretaries are to be held.

Sky has warned it will resist BECTU's legal effort to win bargaining rights.

BECTU has agreed new rates for background artistes on UK film and TV shoots.

BECTU has called for risk assessments in London theatres before fire service strikes begin.

A new pay offer has headed off more strikes at the Leicester theatre.

Union members in Granada Group are balloting on action after rejecting a pay offer.

Unions with members joining the new regulator have demanded full negotiations on their move.

Leicester Haymarket managers have called in ACAS after three successful strikes.

BECTU's 2002 London Production Division Annual Conference will be held this month.

BECTU's Post Production and Facilities Branch is to hold an open meeting.

Negotiations on a new pay structure and revised unpredictability allowances have begun.

BECTU members at the Haymarket in Leicester have walked out over a pay claim.

A further women's Organising for Growth course is to be held in November 2002.

Members at Savoy Bingo in Cambuslang have won the right to be represented by BECTU.

Members of BECTU, NUJ and Amicus are voting on a 3% pay offer from Granada Media.

An Employment Tribunal decision has forced subtitler Intelfax to honour a pay offer.

Leicester Haymarket Theatre staff members have voted by 88% for strike action.

BECTU's next Annual Conference will be held in May 2003 at Eastbourne.

BECTU's regional theatre members are voting on new minimum pay proposals.

September 2002

Freelance rates have been issued by BECTU following the collapse of the APA agreement.

BECTU members are entitled to free entry at this year's PLASA show.

August 2002

PACT's Script Writing for Animation course has been rescheduled to October.

BECTU's pay dispute with West End laboratory Soho Images has been settled.

BECTU and the NUJ have won formal recognition from ITV franchisee Meridian.

BBC Resources pay structure talks appear to be heading towards difficulties.

Further details of the Skillset subsidised animation courses have been issued.

Managers at the West End Lab have made a pay offer after an industrial action ballot.

BECTU members at West End lab Soho Images have voted for industrial action.

July 2002

A parliamentary committee led by Lord Puttnam has called for protection of plurality and production.

Freelance union members have voted against cuts in pay proposed by advertising producers.

BECTU negotiators have advised members to accept a pay offer from Carlton TV.

BECTU members at Soho Images are being balloted for industrial action.

The ballot on proposed changes to the Commercials Agreement closes on 26 July 2002.

Skillset is subsidising a programme of courses for animation freelances.

A women's Organising for Growth course is to be held in September 2002.

Proposals have been rejected to change BBC Resources new joiners pay structure.

The BBC will pay a 2.8% increase in August despite objections.

BECTU's Head Office is moving from Soho to Clapham in August.

Unions are pressing ITV giants Carlton and Granada to end a pay freeze.

A 2.8% pay rise has been accepted by ballots of BECTU members in the BBC and BBC Technology.

New guidelines on directors' contracts are now in force following agreement with UK broadcasters.

June 2002

Freelance members are to be balloted on the future of the Commercials Agreement.

Branches are invited to nominate candidates for the BECTU Appeals Committee.

Nominations are invited for the Independent Broadcasting NEC vacancy.

Plans are being laid for closer working between BECTU and its American counterpart.

BECTU has postponed the result of this year's BBC pay ballot until June 24.

May 2002

BECTU's Annual Conference has called for tighter working time controls.

Annual pay negotiations in BBC Technology are proposed to move from August to April.

A ballot of BECTU members on the BBC pay offer is still running despite an NUJ holdup.

BECTU President Tony Lennon has been re-elected in a ballot of members.

Proposed revised salaries for BBC Resources have been tabled.

HealthSelect is a new range of voluntary benefits for BECTU members.

Unions are to ballot BBC members on an offer that puts 1.8% on basic rates this year.

BECTU is backing employment tribunal claims by Scottish call centre staff.

April 2002

The collapsed digital broadcaster has been challenged to honour staff contracts.

BECTU is trying to contact freelance members who work in the commercials sector.

BECTU has welcomed the departure of the Royal Shakespeare's Adrian Noble.

International trades unionists have condemned violence in Israel and Palestine.

Changes have been made to BBC mileage payments in response to new tax rules.

EuroPAWS has announced opportunities for writers across Europe in 2002.

BECTU has a National Officer vacancy in the London and Regional Production Divisions.

Following industrial action BFI members are voting on a new pay deal.

BECTU is seeking to appoint a Project Manager for the TOSCA Project.

Further details of BBC Resources pay system proposals have been provided.

West End theatre members have voted to accept a pay rise worth 11.3% on average.

BBC Safety is offering free courses to both staff and freelances.

March 2002

Staff wages and other bills at the collapsed TV broadcaster will be paid until April 15.

A new commissioning strategy at the Open University threatens job cuts for BBC staff.

Staff at BSkyB's call centres are up in arms over changes to terms and conditions.

Equity and PACT have announced a new agreement covering actors in cinema films.

An improved pay offer for West End theatre members is going to a postal ballot.

BECTU has proposed a number of changes to the PACT Freelance Agreement.

Staff at the music station's Camden HQ have voted for BECTU to represent them.

BECTU has condemned Granada's plan to close its Shop! channel.

Courses aimed at BECTU Branch activists are to be held over summer 2002.

Elections are to be held for BECTU's President and three Divisions on the NEC.

BECTU is organising advice sessions for staff at satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

A new communications course for women activists is to be held in April.

A postal ballot of MTV staff is going ahead despite a last-minute hitch.

BBC members have been urged to intensify their protest against performance pay.

BECTU has appointed financial consultants to give free advice to members.

Thousands of BECTU freelancers have voted to start paying for third-party insurance.

BECTU is urging the Culture Minister to approve a fourth new BBC digital TV station.

February 2002

BECTU has accused the music channel of blocking a ballot on union recognition.

Union members in London's Theatreland are voting to strike over low pay.

BECTU's 2002 claim has been submitted to the Advertising Producers Association.

BECTU has called on DCMS minister Kim Howells to meet ITV union reps.

Policy and Rule proposals for BECTU's Conference have been issued.

Industrial action in a pay dispute at the BFI has been suspended.

MTV is the first UK broadcaster to be ordered to carry out a union recognition ballot.

BECTU members have voted to take industrial action over low pay.

Talks on possible changes to BBC Resources pay system have started.

West End theatre members are to decide on a new pay offer.

January 2002

BBC members are reminded of the appraisal boycott to oppose performance related pay.

Up to 35 redundancies have been announced by MediaArc, the BBC's graphics subsidiary.

BECTU's regional theatre members have voted for a new TMA pay offer.

BBC Broadcast & Presentation has been cleared to become a limited company.

Freelance members can sign up for the Early Bird production warning bulletin.

BECTU Branches are invited to nominate candidates for the NEC and President elections.

BECTU has a vacancy for a Secretary in the London and Regional Production Divisions.

A Learning Representative course is being run for London-based BECTU members.

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