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Student Register

If you are studying for a career in the media and entertainment industries, then you need to sign up to BECTU's Student Register.

What is the Student Register?sign student register

Designed by BECTU, the Register will help students to bridge the gap between study and the world of work.

Once signed up, students will benefit from regular contact with BECTU, the leading industry-wide trade union, and an organisation dedicated to the whole workforce, both staff and freelances.

Black guy with headphonesThe Student Register is free to sign up to.

Why should students register?

To learn more about the issues which face  the media and entertainment workforce.

To prepare for work with a much better understanding of the industry and their place within it. 

What does BECTU do?

We provide a range of support services to staff and freelances working in the media and entertainment sectors. We negotiate pay and conditions of work and represent our members on all employment issues.

We are also committed to supporting new entrants to the industry to secure good contracts, good pay and the training they need to develop successful careers.

The union also works to promote equality at work and to develop a strong health and safety culture.

Our website carries a wealth of information to illustrate the work we do on behalf of the industries workforce.

What will BECTU deliver?

Students who take part will find out more about activities of interest to them. BECTU organises an annual Freelances' Fair, for example, together with a number of other special events around the country.

  • Join the Register  and you will be offered access to networking opportunities.
  • Our website will carry information of value to you.
  • We can also tell you about subsidised training.
  • When you graduate we will send you a personal invitation to join BECTU as a full member, at a preferential rate, via our new entrant membership. Download BECTU's New Entrant DVD.

Looking to the future

Today's students are the BECTU members of the future. What are your expectations of work? How does BECTU need to develop to meet your future needs?  Working with you, BECTU will look to answer these questions, and many more.

BECTU officials visit colleges and universities across the UK to speak about our work. Ask your tutor to contact us if you would like a visit.

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The Student Register is FREE - we look forward to welcoming you.

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