BECTU Runners

The BECTU Runners branch is for runners and workers in their first few years in the industry looking for guidance, networking and career development opportunities. We aim to make being a runner a better experience, cracking down on abuses for these junior grades and helping our members have a voice in the industry. Most runners will typically stay in the Runners branch for two-three years before moving into another craft based branch of the union. 

BECTU Runners join at a discounted rate of £8 per month for the first two years.

Rate cards 

BECTU's Runners Ratecards draw on feedback from runners in film and TV, and provide a recommended set of rates.

Download our Runners Ratecard November 2016 here.

Download our Runners Ratecard June 2017 here.

Training and Development

Floor Runners Boot Camp

The BECTU Runners branch endorse the Floor Runners Boot CampIn January 2017, BECTU trailled a 25% discount for our members and hope to roll this out on an ongoing basis.

We encourage all new Floor Runners to have this valuable course under their belt to assist in the next steps of your career. The course will get you a credit in the Runners/AD passport, once it is launched, and help get you to an AD post faster and with more confidence. 

Members wishing to take advantage of the BECTU discount on this course, register directly with Floor Runners Bootcamp, who will be the data controllers and will collect your data directly.  The Floor Runners Bootcamp will confirm with BECTU your membership status to apply the discount.

Freelance Organising Training Day

The Freelance Organising course is a one day course, specifically designed for freelance members who want to be active within BECTU.  The course deals with three core areas of union activity – communicating, organising and negotiating.  Anyone who wants to have more of a voice in the union should attend this free course, which takes place in London and Salford - to enquire about a Salford place please email

For full course details go here and to register go to our Eventbrite.

Vocational courses and running a self-employed business

BECTU runs a core programme for freelance vocational courses at our head office in Clapham. For a full list go here.

Health & Safety

The Creative Industries Safety Passport (CRISP) is IOSH accredited, is industry recognised and is a strong addition to your CV.  It teaches what rights and obligations you have as an employee and those of your employers, including risk assessments, how to deal with lone working and how to make your work safer.

This course will get you a credit in the Runners/AD passport, once it is launched, and help get you to an AD post faster and with more confidence. 

PACT Agreements

In 2017 BECTU agreed a new TV Drama Agreement (the first production agreement since 2003) and the first ever Major Motion Picture Agreement with PACT. 

PACT/BECTU TV Drama Agreement came into force on 1 December 2017. The agreement covers all key working terms and conditions for crew engaged on independent UK drama and comedy production.

Major Motion Picture Agreement: An agreement to cover all the significant terms and conditions for crew engaged on major motion pictures with budgets equal to or in excess of £30 million pounds. (Effective date 2 April 2018 ).

Runners Charter

The Runners Charter is a declaration of the general principles that BECTU Runners believe should be followed and are signed up to by the employer.  It is not legally binding, but companies that sign the Charter are showing they are committed to a set of employer standards. Runners can use the document to find out who are the best employers and choose their work accordingly. 

The Runners Charter was agreed in principle by ITV in 2017, but has not yet been implemented. Negotiations with PACT and BBC continue. This year BECTU is looking into the creation of a Charter Working Group, which will first discuss any changes before the document is distributed to the full branch for a vote. 

Runners Charter (member only)

Further documentation

“Working on an APA production? Check their full terms and pay rates here” 

Recommended rates for crew working on commercials set by the APA

Runners branch by-laws (member only)

Runners branch Standing Orders (member only)

For more information about getting involved with the Runners branch contact Emily Collin or call 020 7346 0900