Pride events for 2019

·     Digital Pride - 25-30 April

·     Pride Edinburgh – 15th June

·     Pride in London – 6th July

·     Norwich Pride – 27th July

·     Belfast Pride – 3rd August

·     Plymouth Pride – 10th August

·     Pride Glasgow – 17th August

·     Manchester Pride – 24th August

·     Pride Cymru (Cardiff) – 24th August

·     Southampton Pride – 24th August

·     Cumbria Pride – 28th September

Visit the UK Pride Organisers Network to find your local pride here:

Get involved

BECTU and Prospect reps will be marching in support of LGBT+ campaigners at Pride events around the country, including London on the 6 July.

Both BECTU and Prospect are encouraging as many members as possible to get involved.

If you are interested in the work of BECTU's LGBT committee or have ideas you would like to put forward, please email Stewart Mott Secretary of LGBT+ Committee on

For your reference the short url for this page is You can also follow the group on twitter @bectuLGBT

LGBT+ Dates

•     LGBT+ History Month - February

•     International Transgender Day of Visibility - 31st March

•     International Day Against Homophobia - 17th May 

•     World AIDS Day - 1st December

BECTU resources

·     BECTU briefing: BECTU LGBT+ Your rights at work – Members’ factcard

·     BECTU briefing: A workplace guide to dealing with sexual harassment

·     Prospect website: LGBT+ Equality

·     Prospect blog:

Public resources

·     EHRC advice and guidance: Sexual orientation discrimination

·     Worksmart website: Discrimination linked to sexual orientation

·     a:gender guide: The Workplace and Gender Reassignment

·     TUC briefing: LGBT Equality: Risks of Brexit

·     TUC guidance for reps: LGBT+

·     TUC guide: LGBT Equality at Work, Third Edition, 2013

·     TUC briefing: LGB & T workers and mental health

·     TUC charter: International LGBT Solidarity

·     TUC report: Talent not tokenism: The business benefits of workforce diversity

·     TUC blog: Claire Mullaly’s tips on how to be a great trans ally

·     Stonewall website: Campaign group for LGBT+ equality and social justice

·     LGBT+ History Month website: Promoting equality and diversity for the benefit of the public

·     Press for Change website: a campaigning organisation for trans people

·     Gender Trust website: charity offering support to those concerned about gender

Last page update 23 April 2019