BBC Terms and Conditions are set to be overhauled and union members will vote on the changes from 24 May 2018. We urge you to use your vote.

Wherever you work at the BBC, on a fixed term, continuing or a casual contract,  BECTU is the union for you.

Every day, across the UK, BECTU reps and officials work to improve your terms and conditions. We speak to everyone, from the director-general down, to make sure that your voice in the workplace is heard. It’s our job to help to make your job better whether your employer is the BBC, BBC Studios and Post Production Ltd or BBC Worldwide.

*Find out more here about the review of BBC terms and conditions and the consultative ballot which runs 24 May - 11 June*.

Join and pay your subs through the payroll by using this form (this form also appears at the foot of this page) OR You have three options:

  1. Download this form, also attached to this page, and return by freepost OR
  2. Join online to pay by DD.

New members paying by direct debit, or through the payroll will benefit from the £10 introductory subscription for 24 months. 

NB: If you have an existing problem and you are seeking the union's immediate help please call our membership department on 020 7346 0900 (office hours, Mon-Fri) so that we can talk to you about the arrangements for joining BECTU. Otherwise do follow the guidance on this page.

All our members are entitled to:

Support and advice at work

Got a problem you’d like to discuss off the record? BECTU is here to help. Together, we can discuss your options and contact management (with your say-so) to get matters sorted.


We represent you at the BBC, both collectively and individually. Whether it’s negotiating a pay rise, or helping you to put your case at a disciplinary hearing, we’re here for you.

Our members are proud to work for the BBC but they understand that the Corporation is not perfect. Our union reps across the whole of the BBC work tirelessly to improve things on a local level, whether the task is to ensure that redundancies are minimised or encouraging your manager to respect your working hours and your life away from work. BECTU also tackles issues at national level including the annual pay review. (See the flyer attached to this page for more on the two-year pay deal covering 2014/15 and 2015/16).  

Legal support, benefits & services

Supporting you at work is central to what we do; our members also know that if legal help is required that cases will be assessed and, where approved, full support at tribunal will be provided including the upfront payment of tribunal fees. The union's legal services also extend to support with personal injury at work claims (for members and their families). A 24-hour helpline is also available for assistance with non-work issues.

Added to legal support, members benefit from a wide range of discounted everyday products and services available through BECTU Plus. The union also supports members with low-cost training. And remember BECTU membership is portable. If you're moving on to a new employer or embarking on a freelance career, union benefits are also designed to help you.

Contact us

If you have a question about union membership at the BBC, we'd be pleased to hear from you. Write to us, in confidence, at (it helps us to respond more quickly if you tell us where you work) and we'll be in touch.

Last page update 20 May 2018