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If you work in the media and entertainment industries, then you should be a member of BECTU. Join us. As our membership is broad and diverse a number of options apply.

Whether you work as an employee or are self-employed (freelance) you can join online now.  

join BECTU online now

Employees should read the notes below for information which may be relevant to their employer. Future members also have the option to download the relevant application form (or to request this) and to return this to us by post.

Find out more about BECTU's member benefits. (Flyer attached to this page).

NB: If you have an existing problem and you are seeking the union's immediate help please call our membership department on 020 7346 0900 (office hours, Mon-Fri) so that we can talk to you about the arrangements for joining BECTU. Otherwise do follow the guidance on this page. 

BBC joiners

Staff at the BBC, BBC Studios & Post Production Ltd and BBC Worldwide should visit and use the form there to join BECTU and to pay subscriptions via the payroll. 

Staff working for BBC Contractors are invited to download this form (also attached to this page). Simply complete and return by freepost.

Red Bee Media joiners

Staff at Red Bee Media (now part of Ericsson) also have the option to join BECTU and to pay subscriptions via the payroll. See this page for more info and to access the form. 

ITV, Ofcom, UK theatre and more .... 

Staff in all other sectors (see note below) who don't want to use the online facility highlighted at the top of this page, can download our standard application form, also attached to this page, and return this to us using the freepost address on the form. Alternatively, you can ask us to post the appropriate application form to you.

Background artistes and staff working for Virgin Media and BSkyB should contact us to request a form by post. New entrants should visit this page.

BECTU works for you

The union promotes the interests of those working in the sectors we have responsibility for. How do we do this? By organising the workforce and by using that influence to persuade employers to treat their staff fairly, be they employed or freelance.

Improvements to pay and conditions of employment (working hours, sick pay, holiday entitlement, and job security, to name but a few) and the proper protection of the workforce through a commitment to health and safety, equality and training define what BECTU is about.

BECTU has long-standing recognition agreements with a huge number of employers operating in the media and entertainment industries. From large scale employers like the BBC, ITV, the National Theatre or Odeon, through to smaller operations such as the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, or an animation workshop in Bristol, BECTU branches are working for their members. 

In some cases our agreements are with groups of employers such as with the Society of London Theatre (SOLT), UK Theatre (for regional venues, organisation previously known as the TMA) or the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television, otherwise known as PACT. New for 2014, BECTU has concluded new agreements to represent staff at Al Jazeera English, Curzon Cinemas and the Kings Place arts venue in London.

Each recognition agreement is different and sets out the scope of the union's rights with a given employer, or employers group, to negotiate on behalf of the staff and freelances covered by the agreement.

The right to join

UK legislation gives everyone the right to belong to a trade union; we hope you will use that right and join your union. We also encourage you to find out more about BECTU through your branch.  We invite you to get involved in the union's work.

If you are a new entrant to the industry, and have recently graduated or completed a course of training, you may qualify for a special rate for your first year of membership. You can download the application available on this page and return it to us by freepost. 

For queries about membership please contact our membership department on 0207 346 0900 or email

Connecting with students

BECTU also operates a Student Register for students planning a career in the media and entertainment sectors. The Student Register is a contact scheme which builds on our good relations with students and their tutors and helps to prepare new entrants for work in our sectors. Registration is free. Students on the register will receive invitations to our events and useful information on a range of issues via a regular e-newsletter.  Student and new entrants will also find the information at Creative Toolkit very helpful. Check out the Help Notes which cover key topics such as Business Skills for Freelances, CV Writing, Succeeding at Interview and Getting In, Getting On.

Last page update 3 November 2014. 

Freelances and PLI

Public liability insurance cover, up to £10m per claim, is available to the union's freelance members at low cost. (Just £21 for the policy which runs from 1 May 2014 - 30 April 2015).  More info on PLI hereJoin BECTU  More on benefits and services.

Crewbus freelance members directory - have you prepared your entry? Contact Sharon Elliott for more info.

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