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Do you work in the games industry? Is it a good industry to work in?

Help us make the games industry a great place to work – complete the survey here.

Here is your chance to have your say about working conditions in the UK video games industry. BECTU (a sector of Prospect) are a trade union that are organising and supporting members in the games industry. We have been asked to talk to MP’s about the games industry and so we want to know what is good and what is bad about the industry you work in and the employers that you work for.

We want to find out about your working hours and your opportunities to get on at work. We are also keen to know how welcoming is the industry from people of different backgrounds (e.g. gender, race, sex and sexuality, disability, education etc.) We would like to know what is good about working in your industry but also if you would like to change anything about the culture of the industry and/or your employer and workplace? In the survey there are free text boxes for you to add comments on any other relevant issue: You may want to tell us how easy you find it to speak up about issues at work and what might happen if you do?

BECTU are here to help games workers and you can trust us to keep your identity secret. All questions are optional and the results will be anonymised. We won’t share data that could identify a particular employer and we will remove any information given in free text boxes that could identify an individual or a workplace. Once we have anonymised and aggregated the final results  they will be shared with our members who work in the games industry. The key messages from this survey will be turned into a report that we will submit to MP’s from the All Party Parliamentary group on Video Games. We will make recommendations to them that can help games workers get solutions to the important issues.

If you haven’t done so yet – fill in the survey here. Your answers will not be submitted to anyone until you click the DONE button. Please contact if you have any questions.

Please share this message with friends and colleagues in the games industry.  If they are not already members then ask them to join BECTU – find out more here.