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How would a move to Channel 38 affect you?
As part of the Digital Dividend Review, Ofcom is leading a consultation on proposals for the move of radio mic users from Channel 69 to Channel 38. This issue affects BECTU members working in theatre, live events and broadcasting. What's your take?
RE: It's going to be expensive
by Alison Currie, 8 years 9 mons 2 days ago
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Webpage editors and branch secretaries
This forum exists to help webpage editors and branch secretaries to share information and experience about their use of the members-only areas of the site.
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Crewbus freelance directory
Crewbus, the union's freelance directory - - has been opened up to more members and the profile builder has been redeveloped. Post your thoughts here.
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Equality: are our industries making progress?
Gender, race, class, disability, religion - how equal is the media and entertainment world? What should BECTU do to promote greater equality in employment?
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Economic climate: what changes are you seeing?
We are told that the recession is over and all talk now is about how to address the budget deficit. How has this period affected you at work and what, if any, changes do you forsee?
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How to use the site forums
Members need to log-in to take part in the site forums. Members are free to do two things: 1) start a new thread (a new discussion topic building on an existing theme (or room) and 2) submit posts to all such threads. If members want to open up discussion on a totally new subject area (a room) they should email Sharon Elliott, communications officer, to request that a new room be opened up (please provide the title). Rooms can be set to show all posts to all visitors to the site, or can be set to hold members' posts in private (a lock symbol is displayed).
Funding And Grant schemes for under 25 years.
by Joseph Lee Randall Baker, 5 years 4 mons 4 days ago
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Comprehensive Spending Review 2010
Cuts in public spending of £81bn over the next four years. What concerns you most? Member should log in to take part and to start a new thread to discuss a particular aspect of the enormous programme set out on 20 October.
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Product Innovation
Members can use this space to draw the attention of other members to product innovation they may be involved with. Use of this facility does not imply any endorsement by BECTU.
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Choose your subject!
Members should use this space to open up discussion on topics not covered by other forums.
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Campaign forums

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BBC pensions dispute
BECTU is involved in one of the biggest industrial campaigns to affect BBC staff for a generation. Share your thoughts with other members here.
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DQF - BBC puts 2000 jobs at risk
On 6 October BBC management put 2000 jobs at risk to part-balance the books following its agreement to freeze the licence fee until 2017. How is the news affecting your area? Are you helping to build the membership to help fight these cuts?
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Division forums

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Arts and Entertainment
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Independent Broadcasting
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London Production
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Regional Production
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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety Forum
We have created this forum space to allow members and their representatives to discuss health and safety issues. Posts in this forum will be visible to members only.
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