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BECTU is committed to equality of opportunity for everyone. We develop policies and actions that encourage and support cultural diversity and respect at work, and in wider society.

 Women attending a seminar at BECTU Women's Conference in 2007Women's conference debate      Pic: Janina Struk

We pursue our policies through lobbying, agreements, practical initiatives and where necessary through more direct action.

The union's equality committees provide a means for members who are women, black and minority ethnic, disabled, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender (LGBT), to participate fully in developing policies and initiatives in these areas.

Black Members' Committee

The Black Members Committee aims to increase diversity in the workplace and at all levels of the union. It is comprised of representatives from every sector of the union.


The committee urges members to play a part in the Black Leadership Initiative which promotes increased participation and representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) members at all levels of the union. The committee also plays a proactive role working within the creative industries to address under-representation of BAME workers within the workplace.

Since 2003 the committee has worked to develop the successful diversity programme Move on Up which brokers one to one meetings between BME professionals and individual executives in the hope that the contacts made will lead to new opportunities. An independent survey of those who attended the four events run in 2006-7 indicated that 72% of respondents derived substantial benefits from their participation. 

The BMC committee holds regular open evenings aimed at bringing BAME workers together for networking and recruiting more members into the union. The committee can be contacted via its organiser, Janice Turner at BECTU head office. Find out more.  

Disabled Members' Network

BECTU also operates a Disabled Members' Network which, amongst other work, acts an important vehicle for feedback from the union's disabled members. For more information contact Tracey Hunt, administrative officer.  We have a training day on neurodiversity planned for 22 March 2018 and we'll be represented at the TUC Disabled Workers' Conference in May 2018.

LGBT Committee

BECTU established an LGBT Committee in 2015. Committee reps have worked to establish the parameters for the group and to schedule activity. Visit this page regularly and/or email for further information. The committee also has a presence on social media: on twitter @bectuLGBT and facebook here. BECTU will be represented at the TUC's LGBT conference on 5-6 July 2018. 

Women's Equality Committee

Issues affecting women members are taken up by the Women's Equality Committee, which also puts forward policy proposals, raises awareness and works to implement trade union education for women reps as well as encouraging women to become active at all levels within the union.

The committee sends delegates to the TUC Women's Conference in March each year (as part of the bigger Prospect delegation) and organises a regular Women's Conference. The committee is piloting a mentoring project for women in BECTU, which will be offered widely in 2018. If you're interested in becoming more involved with gender equality in BECTU please contact us. Also, if you use facebook we have a women's group where you can connect with other BECTU women and talk all things diversity/women in the workplace or related union stuff - let us know the email address you use for facebook and we'll send you an invite. For more information contact Skills & Professional Development Officer, Rachel Bennett

We also have a Women's Health and Safety Policy, which you can access here.

Last page update 2 November 2018.