• 'Stand out from the crowd' training leaflet
    21 March 2019 | 1143 Kb PDF
    A leaflet highlighting how BECTU's expert training can help you put your talents in the spotlight in the media and entertainment industries.
  • Early Bird March 2019 - Freelancers Week
    21 March 2019 | 4432 Kb PDF
    Early Bird is a comprehensive listing of upcoming film and TV productions, complete with start dates and important contact details.
  • Live Events Network Set of Standards
    7 March 2019 | 4476 Kb PDF
    A flyer calling on the Live Events industry to meet BECTU's set of standards.
  • Introducing PLI Extra
    5 March 2019 | 1783 Kb PDF
    Booklet explaining PLI Extra, BECTU's new two-in-one insurance plan for freelance members providing public liability and work-related personal accident cover. Policy launches 1 May 2019.
  • 'Standing up – for yourself, and for each other' guide
    1 November 2018 | 10132 Kb PDF
    A guide outlining what help is available to tackle the climate of bullying within the creative industries as well as how we can create real change by working together.
  • Freelance Survival Guide
    14 September 2018 | 3151 Kb PDF
    BECTU's advice for successful freelancing plus insights into how BECTU supports the freelance community. First published September 2017 and reprinted February 2018. Updated September 2018. To join BECTU go to www.bectu.org.uk/join
  • Networking for Freelancers -Help Note
    11 September 2018 | 1018 Kb PDF
    If you're unsure about your networking skills, this guide will help, updated September 2018.
  • Getting In, Getting On - Help Note
    11 September 2018 | 566 Kb PDF
    A guide for new entrants to the creative sector, updated September 2018.
  • Business Skills for Freelancers - Help Note
    11 September 2018 | 374 Kb PDF
    Short guide to business skills for freelancers, updated September 2018.
  • Eyes Half Shut campaign poster
    10 April 2018 | 28 Kb PDF
    Download and print this A4 poster to support the Eyes Half Shut campaign and petition.
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