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28 March 2012 Dark Shadows voted best production by FAA Dark Shadows voted best production by FAA
Dark Shadows, the latest film from director Tim Burton and due for UK release in May, was voted best production to work on by the union's background artistes who held their annual general meeting last weekend (25 March).
26 March 2011 Background artistes celebrate 'unsung heros' Background artistes celebrate 'unsung heros'
The Film Artistes Association (FAA), the section of BECTU which looks after background artistes, announced the winners of their 'unsung heros' awards earlier this month.
2 December 2010 Petition calls for agents to be licensed Petition calls for agents to be licensed
BECTU, Equity and the National Association of Supporting Artistes Agents (NASAA) have joined forces to launch a petition calling on the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to examine the case for the licensing of agents in the entertainment industry.
12 October 2010 New agency regulations come into force
Background artistes are advised to study the changes to the agency regulations which came into force on 1 October 2010.
31 August 2010 New agency regulations in October
New agency regulations will come into force in Great Britain on 1 October 2010.
14 July 2010 New resources from Co-operatives UK
Co-operatives UK has launched some new resources for people working in the creative sector who are interested in setting up a co-operative.
13 May 2010 What is a co-operative? Read our FAQs
BECTU is working with Co-operatives UK to examine whether a co-operative model could provide a solution to the exploitation which some union members reliant on agencies for work are experiencing.
24 March 2010 Agency u-turn labelled a 'shambles'
BECTU has called last week's government u-turn on reform of the agency rules in the entertainment sector a 'shambles'.
13 December 2009 BECTU to develop a Cooperative Talent Agency
BECTU had received funding to conduct a feasibility study into the setting up of a talent agency in conjunction with The Cooperative movement.
16 November 2009 Help us to design a cooperative agency for freelances
BECTU is inviting members to help the union to develop its plans for a cooperative agency for freelance workers.
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