BECTU has called for an industry-wide approach to employment for chaperones and tutors in feature film, TV and theatre work. This involves a call for fair treatment and for an urgent dialogue with the TV, film and theatre industries about a consistent approach to employment and regulation of these workers.

The union has published a Chaperones’ Manifesto and has established a petition that will allow workers in the UK entertainment industries to show their support.

Essential role of chaperones

This vital sector of the economy has to rely on chaperones if children are to take part in production work in ways that are safe and legal. When children are taking part in production work - in TV, feature film, theatre, live entertainment and other audiovisual works - they must be accompanied and supervised by a chaperone at all times. In addition, under certain circumstances, productions must also provide children with a tutor or a chaperone-tutor.

Invitation to voice concerns

BECTU is inviting chaperones and tutors from all over the UK to voice their concerns and establish a campaign to resolve the critical issues quickly.

The union has published a draft 'Chaperones and Tutors Manifesto' that lists their concerns. The union is also proposing an agreed set of national terms and conditions along with a clear and transparent grading system for these workers.

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Read the Chaperones Manifesto and Chaperones Briefing