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BECTU is the union for staff working in the Visual Effects (VFX) industry ...... What’s the problem in VFX?

 VFX studios are being put under a financial squeeze by production companies. Instead of competing on the quality of work that they can produce, many are participating in a destructive race to rock bottom, paying fewer artists less to do more work in a shorter space of time. Whereas well unionised parts of the film industry are treated with respect by film studios, VFX artists are being hit hard. Talented VFX professionals who make beautiful art are being chased from the industry by bad employment practice, damaging the sector and the UK’s ability to remain internationally competitive.

What is BECTU? BECTU is the UK’s media and entertainment union. We represent staff and freelances in all sectors in the creative media and arts, in all non-performance roles, including heads of department and team members, across film & tv production, broadcast, theatre and cinema exhibition. It’s our job to support you in the workplace.

Here’s a few of the services members, includng in VFX, benefit from:

  • Higher pay & better conditions

BECTU negotiates with employers for higher pay and better terms and conditions. It can often be difficult to negotiate on your own. Our experienced negotiators can help get you the best outcomes from your employer on salaries, holiday pay, redundancy terms and more.

  • Protection at work

Join BECTU and we’ll provide you with representation and legal advice when difficulties arise at work. Whether you feel that you’ve been unfairly denied a promotion or your employer is taking disciplinary action against you, BECTU has trained officials and lawyers on hand to help.

  • An end to pay discrimination

BECTU always negotiates to get women’s pay in line with men’s pay. Workplaces where BECTU is recognised are 20 per cent more likely to have equal opportunities policies.

  • Help with contracts and liaising with employers

VFX professionals are experts at making beautiful and inspiring art but aren’t usually experts in employment law. We can help look over your contracts with new employers and make sure they’re all above board and assist in negotiating any changes.

  • Training and development

BECTU provides courses to help you learn new skills, improve existing ones and develop your career. BECTU negotiates agreements with employers to pay for training and to secure time off to attend.

  • Join us and join in

BECTU can only provide representation to its members. To join download and return the application form here: or call 0207 346 0900.


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If you have any questions, or want to get in touch about a workplace issue, contact assistant national secretary, Paul Evans