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Eyes Half Shut campaign

BECTU is campaigning for productions to decrease hours to improve productivity, safety and work life balance in the film and TV industries.

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BECTU is calling for all parts of the industry to come together to form a commission dedicated to reducing the industry's reliance on a long-hours working culture.

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BECTU surveyed the industry about working hours, and their effect on productivity, safety and wellbeing. The survey results were present in the union's report 'Eyes Half Shut', which was launched at our BIG Crew event during Union Week in October 2017. 

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A campaign shaped by BECTU members

All of BECTU's campaigning is shaped by members, according to their priorities.

Members have been surveyed twice to understand where the campaign focus should be. Individual branches have now been given a report telling them what aspects of long hours affect individual departments of the film and TV industry most. Branches have been invited to work with the union to develop bespoke campaigns for their departments around this theme.

Read the report

You can view the report here; in addition our press release launching the report can be seen here

Get involved in branch campaigning

Look out for our branch campaigns throughout 2018 on specific aspects of long-hours working, including:

  • Short term physical health risks
  • Damage to family
  • Physical dangers driving / working with heavy equipment
  • Management issues - productivity etc
  • Equality - particuarly issues affecting women
  • Mental health risks
  • Bullying resulting from long hours.

Last page update 10 October 2018.