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Find details here of BECTU's latest campaigns and projects. Use the information here to take part.

BBC Terms & Conditions 2017

BECTU is embarking on a major consultation on a proposed new Terms & Conditions package in the BBC, alongside  BBC, NUJ and Unite.

BECTU has been negotiating hard to get the best deal possible, and is keen to hear what you think. A series of roadshows will be taking place across the country...

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BBC Vision Fixed Term Contracts Campaign 2012

Fixed but Fair - Know your rights on fixed term contracts. If you work for the BBC on a fixed term contract it is important that you know your contractual and employment rights to avoid 'misunderstandings' along the way. Please go to this campaign news page to fill ...

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Eyes Half Shut

Eyes Half Shut campaign

We want to encourage productions to decrease hours to improve productivity, safety and your work life balance. 

BECTU has surveyed the industry about working hours, and t...

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Living Staff Living Wage

Living Staff Living Wage

The fight continues for staff at Picturehouse cinemas, who are demanding the living wage. 

The Living Staff Living Wage campaign began in 2014 where the Ritzy won a 26% pay rise and an agreement to re-negotiate towards the Liv...

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OB Network

BECTU's OB Network is growing and we're hitting the road. View the Diary page in this mini-site for details of opportunities to get together during Wimbledon 2017. 

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Organising VFX

BECTU is the union for staff working in the Visual Effects (VFX) industry ...... What’s the problem in VFX?

 VFX studios are being put under a financial squeeze by production companies. Instead of competing on the quality of work that they can produce, many are participating in a destructive race to rock bottom, paying...

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Protecting Copyright

BECTU is part of the industry coalition which is campaigning for greater protections for creative rights against illegal downloads. The union also works with the Industry Trust on this issue.

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TV Drama Agreement Consultation

A guide to the BECTU/PACT TV Drama Agreement

BECTU and Pact have been in negotiations on a TV Drama agreement (the Agreement) that will cover all key working terms and conditions for crew engaged on indie UK drama and comedy. It is envisaged that most TV drama and comedy commissioned by independent producers will b...

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Union Week 2017

Union Week runs from 16-20 October 2017. BECTU reps across the country will be using this time to bring members together with non-members to speak about the work we're doing.

Join us and save

If you're new to BECTU and join up during Uni...

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VFX Credits Campaign

BECTU is campaigning to ensure that every VFX artist working on motion pictures and TV dramas will receive a credit for their contribution to the film. The union has published a petitio...

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West End Theatres pay campaign 2017

As the previous three year pay deal draws to a close, the BECTU/SOLT pay negotiations for 2017/18 are set to begin on 31 August.

Join us in our BECTU campaign for a 9% increase to all rates of pay and allowances across all grades, a commitment to pay the Londo...

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You’re never alone with a chaperone

BECTU has called for an industry-wide approach to employment for chaperones and tutors in feature film, TV and theatre work. This involves a call for fair treatment and for an urgent dialogue with the TV, film and theatre industries about a consistent approach to empl...

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