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national theatre 

Welcome to the National Theatre (NT) BECTU web page.

BECTU is the trade union for all NT employees that are not covered by Equity or the Musicians Union. All employees are free to join the union whether they work in management or in “BECTU” grades. It is illegal for anyone to prevent someone from joining any trade union and it is illegal for a trade union to refuse any individual membership except in the most extreme circumstances.

BECTU has around 250 members at the National mostly encompasing both technical areas and front of house. This makes the NT one of the largest branches in the BECTU Arts and Entertainment Division. These members are drawn from departments as varied as Costume Making, Catering, Lighting or Box Office.

Departments that operate together are grouped into separate sections. Where BECTU represents a section it takes responsibility for negotiating pay, annual leave entitlement and all other terms and conditions as well as Health and Safety. The branch is also involved in a great many personal representation cases; these can range from industrial injury cases to disciplinary cases, flexible working or even sickness or return to work.

Since 2008 BECTU has achieved pay rises totalling around 40% for the lowest earning employees at the National, while pay rises for the wider membership have been in line with or above those elsewhere of our industry comparators.

The union can also take credit for, amongst other things, one of the best occupational pension schemes in theatre, the introduction of a cycle to work scheme and the implementation of an apprenticeship scheme.

The members of different departments elect representatives from among their colleagues. These representatives attend Branch Committee meetings and a Chief Steward, Branch Secretary and Treasurer are elected from their number, (Chief Steward currently Emily Collin, Branch Secretary currently Tracy Russell).
The Committee meet every month at 4pm on the last Thursday of the month in the Conference Room. All reps should attend and anyone else can attend as an observer by arrangement with either the Chief Steward or Branch Secretary.

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