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When new members join BECTU they are assigned to a branch of the union. Branches are specific either to an employer, to a workplace, to a geographic area, to an industry group or to a skills grouping.

Branches are key to decision-making

The branch is the most important democratic unit within the union. It is the place where members meet to discuss their concerns and where key decisions are taken about policy in relation to the employer, to industry matters or indeed to BECTU itself.

Branch members elect their officers -  shop stewards, union representatives or committee members - to carry out work on behalf of the branch both directly with the employer and with other parts of the union. Each branch is a member of a Division of BECTU, which serves as an industrial group.

Every branch is entitled to send a delegate to the union's annual conference; the size of a branch's delegation depends on the number of its members. Like so many other aspects of the union's activity, branch affairs are governed by the union's rulebook which exists not as a straightjacket, but as a guide to understanding the union and its operations.

Branch web pages

Branches bring members together "in the flesh" but they also have the opportunity, using the facilities available on this site, to boost their local organisation by making information available around the clock via their own web pages.

When logged in BECTU members will be able to view their own and other branch pages here. Branch web pages are a new facility which branches are expected to take up over time. Branch web pages are edited by a branch official(s).

Are you new to BECTU?  

If you are new to BECTU and do not know how to make contact with your branch official(s) contact BECTU head office with your details and we will put you in touch.


Recently updated branches


To better reflect the scope of the branch, we recently changed our name to BBC Digital London (from BBC West London FM & T). Our membership comprises members both in W1 and W12 who are part of the BBC Digital division.


Following a reorganisation the Production General branch brings together members previously in the BFI Headquarters, Decca, Ealing Studios, EMI, Production Department, Production Service, Reuters, Transport and Education and Training branches. These pages will be edited when the branch has appointed its officers
When is this branch going to convene a meeting and appoint officers? - Steve Kelly


The branch pages are not currently in use. Members with queries should refer to:

Jo Livesey, BECTU North
The Pie Factory
101 Broadway
Salford Quays
M50 2PF.

Tel: 0161 848 8489 or email


Represents members working for the BBC's English regional TV service in Birmingham, BBC radio stations across the West Midlands and members working for other parts of the BBC which have a base in the region.

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