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Posted by Gerry Morrissey on 21 May 2010

Business was conducted efficiently and positively and so much of the good work  being done at branch, committee and national level was on display. 

Gerry Morrissey speaks to delegates

Gerry Morrissey speaks to conference.

Pic: Mark Dimmock

Branch propositions to conference set some of our objectives for the year ahead; discussions at the very well attended workshops on piracy, the operation of the new website and the two projects now underway with support from the Union Modernisation Fund, will also shape our activity for the 12 months ahead and beyond.

One commitment to follow up swiftly is the examination of our policy on illegal downloads; officials will start work soon to form the cross-divisional sub-committee to take this review forward.

With the new Lib-Con coalition government just four days old last Saturday (15 May), it was too early for conference to assess the impact of the political partnership on our industries but the new government was certainly on everyone's mind. So too, the positives of the general election for Labour, which in so many instances showed the positive difference which activists can make.

Public funding concerns

What is certain, however, is that a firm squeeze will be applied to public funding; to date I have heard directly from four employers concerned about changes to Arts Council funding for the current year and next.

We have challenges ahead and with no less an employer than the BBC. Having submitted the joint-union pay claim back in February we now know that talks will start on 3 June, with a follow up meeting on 10 June. We'll let BBC members know how we get on, both via the website and regular emails.

First woman president

The conference also marked a new beginning as members elected their first woman president in Christine Bond. I look forward to working alongside Christine in her new role and feel sure that she will also enjoy the full support of the newly-elected NEC.

This year is also a time for goodbyes, of course, with Tony Lennon, union president for 18 years, and David Cormack, administrative officer with 31 years service, both stepping down after outstanding contributions to our union. BECTU  wishes them both well.


Concerned 25 March 2011
This is all very well, but it's 25th March 2011 and this is still the most recent entry. How can the NEC expect people to join and support Bectu if they don't talk to us?
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