Jane Perry is BECTU's 'bully blocker' at this year's #StandingUp freelance roadshow

Posted by BECTU Communications on 17 April 2019

On 27th April 2019, BECTU's Standing Up For Yourself and Each Other roadshow comes to Glasgow, offering workshops and advice to build resilience among freelancers and equip them with skills to get the best deal they can. One of the workshops offered, 'Blocking Bullying Behaviours' is led by Bectu organiser Jane Perry.

With more than ten years’ experience dealing with bullying cases, Jane provides our freelance members with the tools they need to not only deal with bullying but to spot the warning signs before it takes hold.

Tackling bullying and harassment is central to BECTU's day to day work, as the issue is particularly prevalent among the freelance workforce, who often find themselves having to deal with bullying tactics to guarantee work. So much so, it is part of BECTU's wider 'Dignity at Work' campaign, which is its flagship umbrella campaign for 2019.

Experiencing bullying can often be an isolating experience where freelancers do not realise how to stand up for themselves and each other, which is exactly why this year's #StandingUp roadshow includes a focus on the issue with its ‘blocking bullying behaviours; workshop. Jane tells us more:

What can freelancers expect from the upcoming Standing Up roadshow in Glasgow?

To learn how to block bullying behaviours, stopping it at source like a verbal martial artist, to learn how to negotiate like a pro like an agent, to learn how to interpret the PACT agreements like a negotiator, like a senior union official.

Why do freelancers become victims of bullying?

Because they feel vulnerable and, without realising it, they let it show – perpetrators are experts at spotting vulnerabilities they’ve had the practice.

What support does BECTU offer for freelancers experiencing bullying?

The support of a union official and the blocking bullying behaviours (BBB) workshop.

What are the common indicators that bullying is about to take place and can it be prevented?

Perpetrators test targets boundaries for vulnerabilities – so for example they might raise their voice, to see who it makes show vulnerability.

How will the blocking bullying behaviours workshop stop freelancers being bullied?

It will make them aware of what to look out for, in terms of bullying behaviours and in terms of their own boundaries.

How does this tie into BECTU’s Dignity at Work campaign?

To empower our members to stop bullying behaviours, whether witness or target, in fact to empower members to get real satisfaction from blocking bullying behaviours – inspired some into becoming a union officials.

The next roadshow is in Glasgow on 27th April at the Village Hotel at 1pm. Tickets are £10 (refundable to BECTU members). To book your place, visit here.

The roadshow then moves to Belfast on 8th June 2019. More information on booking can be found on the eventbrite here.


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