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What's the problem in VFX?

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 3 January 2014

Gus Baker, organising official, writes on the issues facing workers in VFX and the support available from BECTU.

TV Factuals workers in Canada report similar concerns about working conditions

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 7 November 2013

The Canadian Media Guild has released its initial report on the findings from a survey of TV factual workers. The findings are strikingly similar to the views of UK workers.

Factuals code of practice in wider circulation

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 23 August 2013

BECTU, in consultation with members of the Writers Producers and Directors branch, has drawn up a Factuals Code of Practice. More than 120 employers (and counting) are being encouraged to adopt the code as one step forward in improving conditions for the workforce.

VFX campaign update ....

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 10 May 2013

Following a VFX branch steering group meeting on 7 May 2013, here's a summary of key actions for the next phase of the campaign from Gus Baker, organising official.

TMA Pay Claim 2013-14

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 6 April 2013

The union's pay claim for members covered by the TMA/BECTU agreement was submitted in mid-March. Talks should get underway in the next few weeks.

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