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Government publishes draft regs on tax changes affecting self-employed

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 9 December 2016

Tony Lennon, research officer, writes on the government's draft regulations on tax changes affecting the self-employed. Please read!

What does the Autumn Statement mean for BECTU members?

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 1 December 2016

The Chancellor announced a wide range of tax changes in last week's Autumn Statement - some were predictable thanks to leaks or various consultations in the last year, while others were unexpected. Tony Lennon, BECTU's research officer explores the effect of the changes on BECTU members.

New National Minimum Wage rates from 1 October

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 1 October 2016

Rates for the national minimum wage are introduced today. If you're a new entrant, or otherwise dependant on the statutory rules, make sure you're being paid correctly. ACAS helplines are referred to below but of course BECTU members can also seek help from their offiical.

What does the Chancellor's 2016 budget mean for BECTU members?

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 21 March 2016

Following George Osborne's budget on 16 March 2016, Tony Lennon, BECTU's research officer, highlights upcoming changes to tax and related areas, of particular interest to BECTU members.

Briefing for crew on River City

Posted by Sharon Elliott on 15 January 2015

Update for members re terms and conditions and working arrangements on River City. (Posted on behalf of Paul McManus, Scotland officer).

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