Background artistes, represented through the Film Artistes' Association (FAA) section of BECTU, are a growing part of the union. Request an application form.

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New ratecard sets out 3-year deal (2017-2020)

The latest PACT/BECTU rate card (update March 2019 and also attached to this page) came into effect on 1 March 2017 and is running for three years. There will be an increase of 8% over the three years on the basic day and night rates, and 2.9% on travel payments, with future increases tied to TFL increments. 

Peter McInerney (ex-FAA Branch Chair) and Ian Williams (FAA Branch Chair) successfully concluded negotiations with PACT over the structure of the PACT/ FAA agreement.

Background artistes will find rates for a standard day, a standard night call, a shift call, travel allowances and more. Talks are held every other year and the next new agreement is expected in 2020.

Rates app for members

Once members have downloaded the app, they simply enter the details of their engagement (length of day, travel, any special requirements for example) and the app calculates the sum due. Use of the app will not only help with accuracy but should speed up the checking out process at the end of a day’s shoot.

Members have been asked to send feedback and/or any observations on functionality to  The app will be updated in time for the introduction of new pay rates from 1 March 2019. 

Report poor employer conduct 

BECTU and the FAA strive to make sure that all productions abide by the PACT/FAA agreement within 40 miles of Charing Cross. Branch members can report productions offering low paid work that falls outside the PACT FAA agreement by sending the details to

Once at work, branch members can also report instances of poor treatment on set, including sub-standard holding areas, bullying or a refusal to honour ALL elements of the PACT FAA agreement, by sending the details to or using this form. Members of the FAA branch will then look into the production to see if anything can be done.

More about background artistes

As freelance workers, background artistes, often known as extras, provide an essential service to film makers and independent producers. Whilst these workers may not be in the foreground of a particular shot, their skills are vital to the quality of the final work.

Email to find out more about BECTU's support for background artistes and to request an application form. 

Whether we are talking about powerful crowd scenes in the latest blockbuster, the historical accuracy of a period drama, or a group shot in a favourite soap, background artistes bring vital skills, flexibility and knowledge to the production process.
The FAA, through BECTU, works to ensure that background artistes are properly recognised and justly rewarded for their contribution to film and programme-making.


Perhaps the biggest industrial issue facing background artistes is the poor practice of many agencies which charge upfront fees to register artistes but fail to make the necessary efforts to place people in work.
The union was instrumental in the establishment of the National Association of Supporting Artistes Agencies. Sadly the organisation is no longer in operation but the fact of its existence, even for a short time, shows a will amongst the reputable agencies to promote best practice to deliver better support to the artistes on their books. The best agencies continue to operate however the less good continue to disappoint.

Industry consultation

BECTU is a regular contributor to consultations affecting its members. Read BECTU's latest submission to government on behalf of background artistes (November 2015). Officials and committee members often discus guidance, and best practice with Pact and Agencies, with the aim of upholding high standards for our members at work.

Additional member benefits

In addition to collective representation, the union's background artiste members, also have individual access to the full range of Benefits and Services provided by BECTU. Key benefits include:

  • a free listing on Crewbus, the union's online freelance directory;
  • access to EarlyBird, a listing of upcoming productions published regularly
  • advice on reputable agencies;
  • legal services covering work-related issues, including personal injury;
  • legal services covering issues outside work;
  • a copy of the FAA /PACT agreement listing full entitlements and rights for background artistes on PACT productions;
  • representation in the event of a dispute on a production;
  • advice on Schedule D and NI issues (Tax Guide for Freelances, downloadable from this page for logged in members only);
  • support with debt collection;
  • union journal, Stage, Screen and Radio.
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If you are serious about working as a background artiste and about being treated as a professional, we invite you to join the FAA section of BECTU. Request an application form.
Contact negotiations officer Simon Nightingale or organising official Teresa Debrou to find out more about BECTU's support for background artistes.

Last page update 1 March 2019.