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What is the Student Register?

The Student Register was created by BECTU, the UK's media and entertainment union, to help you get prepped for your future career. The register is a contact scheme which puts you in touch with industry developments and opportunities. 

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What you'll get when you sign up

• E-newsletters with essential information on industry changes
• Use of BECTU’s Script Registration service 
• Information on subsidised training courses
• Invitations to career fairs, networking opportunities and other useful events
• Info on your rights as a worker
• Creative Toolkit Help Notes (downloads attached here)
• A 50% discount on your first year's BECTU membership once you graduate 

NUS Extra discount

NUS logo extraPlus, for students who sign up to the Student Register, NUS extra are offering their student discount card for a special price of £10 for 13 months - an extra month thrown in for free!

 • Find out more about NUS extra here

If you want to make sure you get the best start in your career in broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, leisure, video games, or digital media, make sure you sign up for free now. 

What does BECTU do?

BECTU works for thousands of members at big companies from the BBC, ITV, Pinewood and the National Theatre, to the smallest post-production or animation studio.

Membership can work for you too. BECTU provides support services to staff and freelances across media and entertainment, negotiating on pay, working conditions and providing representation on employment issues. Our support for freelances includes low cost insurances, expert advice on tax and copyright and much more. 

BECTU is committed to supporting graduates and new entrants to the industry. We want to ensure you have good contracts, good pay, and good training, and ultimately a successful career.

We are against unpaid work experience and unpaid internships and have worked with the NUS to lobby for better rights for students. We believe all students working in the industry should be paid fairly for their work. 

We also work to promote equality at work and to develop a strong health and safety culture.

Find out more about what BECTU does here

Looking to the future

We know that today's students are BECTU members of the future, so we need you. What are your expectations of work, and how can we help develop to meet your future needs? Working with you, we can try to answer all these questions and more. 

Want to know more, and ask questions in person? BECTU gives talks at colleges and universities across the UK. If  you'd like to have a rep do a talk where you're studying, get your tutor to email us

Stay in touch 

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