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In 2018 BECTU representatives will be part of their first Prospect conference.

Key documents - the conference agenda, annual report for 2017, report on actions taken in response to decisions taken at the last conference and a note on the handling of formal conference business - are attached to this page (scroll to the foot of this page) and linked into this paragraph. Access is subject to member login. 

Earlier preparations

The initial calling notice was published on Monday 18 December 2017 and is reproduced below (with reference to information made available after that date). BECTU reps will be provided with guidance on the Prospect conference to help with participation. 

Key dates in the run up to conference

  • Deadline for submission of branch motions, Monday 5 March 2018.

Calling Notice 

Dear Colleague,

The Prospect National Conference will be held from 3 June – 6 June 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham. The conference begins at 4.30pm on Sunday 3 June and concludes no later than 2.00pm on Wednesday 6 June 2018. Delegates can collect credentials from the registration desk at the ICC as followings:

  • 1pm – 3pm on Sunday 3 June
  • 6:30pm -7:30pm on Sunday 3 June
  • 8.30am – 9:30am on Monday 4 June

Information on nominations and submission of motions for National Conference are included in this circular. All nominations and conference motions must reach the General Secretary's office by 12 noon on Monday 5 March 2018. These will need to be emailed to or delivered to the General Secretary at New Prospect House, 8 Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN. All nominations and submissions of motions will be acknowledged by receipt but please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

This circular provides information on and seeks submissions for the following:

  1. Conference Delegates and deputies (NB: BECTU representatives should register as new delegates).
  2. Trainee delegates
  3. Conference helpers
  4. Submission of motions
  5. Nominations for Standing Orders Committee and TUC Delegates

Hotel accommodation will be reserved for delegates from Sunday 3 June to Wednesday 6 June on a bed and breakfast basis. Childcare facilities, travel expenses and accommodation for partners can be arranged and information on this will be included in separate correspondence at a later date.

All future circulars and information relating to National Conference will be posted on this page for the benefit of BECTU Sector members (representatives in the wider Prospect will be able to login here for that information). 

Please note that all nominations and submission of motions are due no later than 12 noon on MONDAY 5 MARCH 2018. 

1. DELEGATES AND DEPUTIES: Use the link here to access the form.

The number of delegates which a branch is entitled to send to National Conference is determined by the number of paid-up members in that Branch at 31 December 2017. A circular will be issued shortly after this date to each branch outlining the size of delegation and voting strength. [NB: this second circular was published on 8 January 2018 and the BECTU branch delegate entitlement document is attached to this page for members; use the download button top left for a quick scroll to all documents attached to this page]. The delegates and deputies form should be returned stating the name and details of delegates.  Branches are reminded that unemployed members do not qualify for nomination, either for officership or as delegates.

Notification of Deputies The details of deputies appointed to attend in place of delegates should be notified at the same time as notification is given of delegates. Therefore when appointing delegates, Branches may wish to consider the appointment of deputies so that their names and addresses can be notified to Headquarters, along with those of delegates.

Deputy Delegates

A deputy attending any part of Conference in place of a delegate must have credentials formally established. Facilities for this to be done will be available at the Conference office 30 minutes before each session of Conference.  Conference papers can only be transferred to a deputy through the scrutineers at the Conference office.  

2. TRAINEE DELEGATES: Use the link here to access the form.

Applications can be made to the National Executive Committee for trainee delegates to attend Conference. The National Executive Committee recognises the benefit of trainee delegates at Conference for small branches, therefore trainee delegates are encouraged. Trainee delegates observe the proceedings from a specific area in the Conference hall. They have neither the right to vote, nor to speak.

The National Executive Committee will approve 15 trainees of which priority will be given to Branches with one or two delegates to ensure that small delegations can be well represented at Conference in the future.  A trainee delegate will only be approved for a Branch with more than three delegates in very exceptional circumstances. Branches are asked to consider Young Professional members, if they exist in your area, for a trainee delegate where possible.  

3. CONFERENCE HELPERS: Use the link here to access the form.

Each Conference we ask some members to undertake certain tasks in connection with the running of National Conference, principally as scrutineers and stewards/tellers. The work which volunteers will be asked to undertake is briefly as follows:

  • Scrutineers - Process delegates' credentials on the eve of Conference; checking credential cards at the opening of each session, count votes in the ballots for the election of the Presidential Team and the Standing Orders.
  • Stewards/Tellers – Stewards ensure that the Conference centre is set up correctly each morning, distribute official papers, ensure that only accredited delegates are admitted to the Conference floor and generally undertake any other duties which may be necessary in connection with delegates or visitors to Conference. This, for example, includes help with the collection and packing of equipment at the end of Conference for return to Headquarters. Tellers, if required count votes cast by a show of hands and take the ballot boxes to scrutineers.

4. MOTIONS: Use the link here to access the form.

The form for the submission of motions available in the link above and the guidance on how they should be drafted is attached. All submissions should include contact information such as phone and email. Motions must have been passed at a duly convened meeting of the Branch or its executive committee or other executive body and must be signed by a responsible officer.

In considering motions for conference, branches should consider the extent to which their policy objectives can be framed in a way that is relevant and appropriate to a wide range of employment contexts. This will greatly assist in making the most efficient use of Conference time.

 5. NOMINATIONS: Use the links below to access the relevant nomination form.

The following will be elected at National Conference and nomination forms are enclosed for:

Each nomination form must be authorised by the nominee undertaking to accept office, if elected. Each nominee is required to make a statement for publication in the agenda. The statement should consist of biographical details and dealing with issues of policy. Nominees are required to complete an election statement form.

Please note that under the Instrument of Transfer (IoT), 5 seats are reserved for BECTU representatives on the National Executive Committee (NEC) and 1 seat on the Presidential team until 2020. Therefore BECTU Sector members will not nominate or vote in the upcoming elections.

Special Paid Leave To Attend Conference

Facilities for delegates to attend Conference are provided under agreements in many employing organisations in which Prospect is recognised.  Under these agreements delegates should be granted paid special leave. Delegates, standing orders committee members, scrutineers, tellers, stewards and trainee delegates attending National Conference will be sent letter confirming their appointment. This letter may prove helpful if produced when submitting applications for paid special leave.

The granting of special leave is at the discretion of the employing organisation but in most cases the general provisions have been agreed. If any difficulty in obtaining special leave is anticipated or experienced, delegates should request their full time officer to approach their employer on their behalf.

Please note that all nominations and submission of motions are due by 12 noon on Monday 5 March 2018.

For all enquiries regarding National Conference, please contact Janine Williams-Silvera on 0207 902 6703 or email

BECTU Sector Conference

The next BECTU Sector conference will be held in 2019.

BECTU Sector Rulebook

This came into effect on 1 January 2017 and is attached to this page. 

Last page update 24 April 2018.