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Script Registration

BECTU's Script Registration Service enables members to register scripts with BECTU.

Please note the word "script" in the context of the Script Registration Service covers a wide range of materials intended mainly for use in television, film and theatre.

This includes proposals, concepts, ideas, formats and outlines, as long as they are written down in detail. It also includes finished scripts, sketches and storyboards.

The purpose of BECTU's service is to provide members with proof that a script was in existence by a given date. It is not possible to register copyright in the UK; script registration can provide evidence of authorship. 

The process

Members send their script to BECTU Head Office. The union logs the script, seals it and returns it to the member concerned for safekeeping.

The union does not archive such scripts or keep copies.

Downloads from this page (members-only, so log-in needed) provide further information.

BECTU has produced a Script Registration Service Q&A.  All members wishing to use the service should complete Script Registration Service Form A and, where the item due to be registered has been co-authored, Form B should be completed too. Please contact BECTU head office for further information if necessary.

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