The Joint Industry Specialist Riggers Scheme provides a career structure for those involved in rigging and scaffolding and is the only industry approved scheme.

The Joint Industry Grading Scheme (JIGS) also oversees the accreditation of special effects personnel, stunt performers and coordinators.

The Joint Industry Committee, which is made up of representatives from the BBC, ITV, PACT and BECTU, determines the levels of experience, training and responsibility required to hold the various job titles (grades) within the scheme. The committee meets on a regular basis to review submissions from individuals seeking grading or regrading at trainee, basic and advanced levels and to agree on accreditation.

Helping to minimise risks

The scheme, which has been in place for some 20 years, maintains skills levels in what can be a hazardous profession.  Equally important is the role the scheme plays in helping to ensure that productions are, or become, low risk ventures from both the completion and health and safety points of view. 

The highlighted documents are available to download from this page together with four other guidance documents:

Rates on commercials

Rates information for riggers working on commercials.

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