A number of BECTU branches host meetings where members get together to produce a ratecard for their grades and for specific areas of production (TV drama, factual TV, feature films etc).

Writers, Producers, Directors (WPD) branch ratecard

WPD’s rate card is the result of members engaging with the survey and the consultation

These are the rates we recommend you to seek when negotiating your salary. 

The WPD committee hopes that this rate card will make pay fairer so please do not undercut these rates

A range of rates in each job role has been provided to reflect different levels of experience.  A reminder that these are recommended rates for all genres EXCEPT TV drama and comedy. 

The ratecard is attached to this page (use the Download button in the left hand menu) and can be found here.

Important note: Unless expressly stated, all BECTU ratecards are rates that have been recommended by the relevant BECTU branch to their members. Neither the PACT TV Drama agreement (effective Dec 2017) or the Major Motion Picture Agreement (effective April 2018) currently have agreed rates. It has come to BECTU’s attention that some productions, and some members have mistakenly concluded that the BECTU ratecards are agreed BECTU/Pact rates. This is not currently the case. Please also note that some branches have ‘Commercials’ rates. These will generally refer to the rates in the APA Agreement and they should be treated as ‘agreed’ for all productions that use the APA agreement.

Last page update 9 August 2019.