A number of BECTU branches host meetings where members get together to produce a ratecard for their grades and for specific areas of production (TV drama, factual TV, feature films etc).

Each branch has a right to produce any ratecard that it chooses to, subject to the approval of their division (in this case the London Production division). The rates offered here are the most recent ones to be published by your branch. 

BECTU's production divisions urge every branch to publish a new ratecard each year. If you wish to get involved in this work, and help your branch to establish an updated ratecard, please email lpd@bectu.org.uk or contact your branch official. 

Recommended rates for riggers

You can find BECTU's recommended rates and terms and conditions for riggers at the bottom of this page. 

Riggers accredited list and rule book

For a list of List of accredited riggers and scaffolders go here

You can find the Riggers JIGS rule book here and at the bottom of the page.

Application form for Riggers

The grading application form for Riggers is here

Last page update 24 April 2019