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Please note: where the rates posted on this page, or in this rates area, apply to big budget features these will be superceded from 1 June 2015 by the new ratecard and terms and conditions documents,  published by BECTU on 5 May 2015.

For more information see this page (where you will find attached the new ratecard and terms and conditions docs). BECTU members should send any queries to

Where the rates on these pages cover Commercials or TV Drama these recommended rates will continue to apply.

BECTU's recommended going rates of pay for Master Riggers and Advanced Riggers working on commercial productions (not big budget).

Recommended rates are available to download from this page. The document also provides guidance on conditions of employment such as meal breaks, travel, insurance and health and safety.

Information on the industry grading scheme.

Last page update 15 May 2015.