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Lighting Technicians (TV Drama)

UPDATE: Further to the publication of BECTU's recommended rate card (see below) talks resumed with PACT about an agreed rate and a pay proposal (daily rate £247.50) is now being considered with a decision due on Monday 26 September.  Please see the document attached to this page. 


BECTU's latest (1 September 2016) recommended going rates of pay for lighting technicians working in TV drama are attached to this page. Please note that these rates have not been agreed by any employer.

A recent vote by members resulted in a 92.08% majority in favour of a 3% increase on recommended basic rates for TV Drama, with a new rate for higher budget shows. The rates attached here are recommended for all new contracts from 1st September 2016.

However Ts & Cs are unchanged from the previous 2013 rate card; for this reason the 2013 ratecard remains attached to this page as terms and conditions are set out there.  

The TV Committee have been, and will continue to be, in separate negotiations with employers to design, approve and publish an agreed revised set of terms of employment for the TV Drama Sector.

As part of our discussions with management, it has been agreed that each crew member should receive a DEAL MEMO at the time of engagement. More info here. 

BECTU supports the '24/35' campaign which seeks to raise awareness of the recommended rate card in TV Drama. 

Last page update 23 September 2016. 

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