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Lighting Technicians (TV Drama)

BECTU's recommended going rates of pay for lighting technicians working in TV drama is attached to this page.  

The updated information, which includes recommended rates and conditions, applies from 14 October 2013, and is available to download from this page.

Applying the BECTU TV drama ratecard:

  • The standard day for TV is 10 hours on camera with one hour’s unpaid lunch (for example 8.00am - 07.00pm). The 10 hour day can begin between 7am and 10am.
  • A standard working day is £240 minimum day (inclusive of holiday pay).
  • On a 5 day week the minimum is £1200. A 6 day week is £1440 minimum.
  • For a 12 hour day (11 hours on camera with one hour’s unpaid lunch) the minimum daily rate is £275. 
  • The basic formula is £240 for 10 hours plus £35 overtime for each additional hour worked.

BECTU is endeavouring to reach agreements with other broadcasters and independent producers.

*Lighting console operators should see the grade specific document attached to this page*

Latest news for lighting techs - new BBC agreement covering in-house drama

Two-year agreement applies from 1 June 2014

BECTU's lighting technicians have voted to accept a new agreement for work on BBC in-house drama series and serials with effect from 1 June 2014.

The agreement represents:

Note 1:Continuing Drama Serials such as EastEnders, Holby, Casualty, WPC 56 and day-time TV dramas such as Doctors and Father Brown are not covered by this new agreement. River City and Pobol y Cwm are also outside this agreement. 

Note 2: BBC Children's drama, independent drama productions for the BBC and all other TV drama productions, which began filming on or after 1st June 2014, are subject to the BECTU recommended rate card, effective October 2013 and posted on this page. The document is endorsed by the '24/35' campaign (

All other in-house dramas should fall within the agreement with BBC London Series and Serials. Specifically:

  • Dr Who
  • Wizards Vs Aliens
  • Paradise
  • Musketeers
  • Silk
  • Luther
  • Silent Witness
  • The Game 
  • Quirke
  • In the Flesh
  • Our Girl
  • Interceptor

Other productions will be included over time.

If you have a query about the information here and/or the new agreement for BBC in-house drama series and serials, please contact Marcelle Davis at BECTU head office on 020 7346 0900 or email

Last page update 2 April 2015. 

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