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A new agreement on lighting technicians' pay has been reached between Pact and BECTU. This was effective from 1 April 2017 and covers all major motion pictures. The agreement also applies to all grades within the electrical department (excluding the gaffer). This is the first time the producers have formally recognised all grades within the department and agreed a pay increase across the board.

In addition to the pay increase the terms and conditions negotiations are up and running again and talks are progressing on overtime and weekend working. More information on this will be provided as the discussions progress.

For reference, this is the agreed Motion Picture pay deal between BECTU/Pact.

Queries or comments about this work can also be sent to Spencer MacDonald, national secretary. 

Important note: There are agreed rates for Electricians. Please note that, unlike many other BECTU ratecards, Lighting Electricians’ rates are recognised by Pact as “Agreed Rates”

Last page update 30 January 2018