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The FAA, or Film Artistes Association, section of BECTU represents the interests of background artistes.

LATEST: New rates app for members

Once members have downloaded the app, they simply enter the details of their engagement (length of day, travel, any special requirements for example) and the app calculates the sum due. Use of the app will not only help with accuracy but should speed up the checking out process at the end of a day’s shoot.

Members have been asked to send feedback and/or any observations on functionality to That said, the branch committee is also keen for members to read and understand the PACT/BECTU agreement covering background artistes. The current agreement, also attached to this page, dates from 2014 and is due for review this year.

The negotiations with pact produce an agreed set of rates covering the standard day and night call, the shift call, fees for supplementary performances and services and travel allowances. 

More details on BECTU's support for background artistes.

Last page updated 16 June 2016.