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Costume and Wardrobe

BECTU's recommended rates of pay for freelances in costume and wardrobe are available to download from this page. 

The latest rates, published in 2015, are based on information gathered from members across every level of the film industry. The branch has also produced a draft set of terms and conditions. 

BECTU is now urging all members working in feature films to apply the appropriate rates to all new contracts that are signed after 1 April 2015.

(BECTU has notified film industry employers of the new ratecard so the expectation is that crew members will be quoting these rates from 1 April).

All grades

Rates are quoted for all grades - from costume designer through to costume PA - and are divided into film budget bands.

Advice is also given on basic and 'rolled' up rates as they relate to holiday pay.

BECTU recommends that freelances accept no less than the figures quoted.

An updated TV ratecard is being worked on. 

Last page update 30 March 2015. 

Freelances and PLI

Public liability insurance cover, up to £10m per claim, is available to the union's freelance members at low cost. (Just £21 for the policy which runs from 1 May 2014 - 30 April 2015).  More info on PLI hereJoin BECTU  More on benefits and services.

Crewbus freelance members directory - have you prepared your entry? Contact Sharon Elliott for more info.

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