APA Recommended Crew Terms (2018)

APA Recommended Terms For Engaging Crew (Commercials) 2017

4 Creative/Channel 4 recommended terms for engaging crew on promotions

Update: the Advertising Producers' Association's (APA) declared rates for work on commercials with effect from 1 July 2018 are also attached to this page. The rates were adjusted by 3% with overtime boundaries for single time, time and a quarter and time and a half all set to increase by the same percentage. 

NB: BECTU's formal commercials agreement with the Advertising Producers' Association expired on 31 July 2002, therefore there are currently no agreed freelance rates for work on commercials. The reference to minimum rates is a historical feature of the way the rates are presented; our advice to members is to invoice for the maximum rate quoted.

Freelance BECTU members needing further advice should contact the London Production division at head office. Please email commercials@bectu.org.uk quoting your name and membership number.

Last page update 22 August 2018