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Current ratecard

Following the AGM of the ADs Branch on Sunday 30th October 2016, a new ratecard has been formally approved.

BECTU's Assistant Directors branch has published the rates and terms and conditions with effect from 1 April 2016.

The documents set out the branch's approach to working days, hours, break times and rest-breaks between shifts. It defines the length of days/weeks and when overtime becomes due, along with the relevant overtime rates that branch members are being urged to apply. Allowances, expenses and cancellation terms are also covered. 

Promo ratecard

In November 2016, the ADs Branch Committee met to establish a ratecard for Promos. 'Promo' or 'Music Video' is intended to refer to a short film accompanying a recorded song, often seen as an avenue for creative expression in film-making and an opportunity to use the latest technology in an experimental way. 

New branch

The Assistant Directors branch was newly formed in 2015, offering support and representing the interests of 1st, 2nd and 3rd ADs. 

Last page update 2 December 2016.