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History Project: Useful Links

Industry websites of interest to the researcher
The website of the Alexandra Palace Society. Includes information on the restoration of the Desmond Campbell collection of early TV photographs.
Information on BBC history, research and collections.
Website of British Film Institute and National Television Archive.
The International Moving Image Society otherwise known as BKSTS.
Website for British Universities Film and Video Council, useful online database of moving images, as well as special collections and off-air recording.
TV research and data information.
Elstree Screen Heritage archive project.
Information on international projects and professional standards.
Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries.
Access the Henderson Film Industries archives for interviews with leading lights of American and British film.  
Site dedicated to memories of the spirit of ITN; the ITN 1955 Club was formed in 1989.
TV research and data information.
The BFI’s encyclopedia of British Film and TV.
Camera, sound and lighting technicians share their memories of the 'golden age' of television at the BBC.
Unofficial history of London's television studios.


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