BECTU provides support and assistance when members are affected by redundancy.

Our experience with a large number of employers means that a variety of company-specific agreements apply. The vast majority of our agreements improve on the minimum terms provided by law, whether in terms of redundancy consultation, pay, or other support.

Union representation

The union is notified in the majority of cases where redundancies are proposed and formal consultations follow. These talks are centred on understanding the reasons for the proposed job cuts and on looking at ways to avoid or minimise the number of compulsory job losses. The union's input is often critical to ensuring that the correct procedure is followed. 

Where the union is recognised by the employer, branch officials will be able to provide first-line support and will seek assistance from BECTU's full-time officials. 

Act quickly if help is needed

Where individual redundancies are proposed (sometime without a formal company announcement and on occasion without reference to BECTU) members should seek assistance from their branch official or from their full-time official as soon as they are notified so that support can be offered. 

BECTU members affected by redundancy should contact their branch official in the first instance. If help is needed to contact a branch official contact us with details of your branch and membership number. Alternatively, call BECTU head office on 020 7346 0900 during office hours. 

Getting back to work 

BECTU members often start freelance careers when a full-time post is cut. The union offers support to freelances and staff. Some members may choose to pursue a different career path.

The government's Back to Work website at provides a wealth of information and guidance for those looking to return to work. A related Job Kit may also be helpful.