the media and entertainment union
a sector of Prospect

Accredited Schools Online

Open-access, expert-driven guide to understanding and avoiding plagiarism

Alliance Against IP Theft

Coalition of British trade associations and industry enforcement bodies seeking to strengthen IP law 

Anti-Copying in Design

Membership organisations for designers fighting copyright theft and for the protection of designs

Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society

Collecting society for writers of all kinds.  Authors should register to benefit from their distributions of revenue for secondary uses of works.

British Copyright Council

Body representing organisations of British copyright owners of which BECTU is a member

British Screen Advisory Council

An independent body on audio visual policy issues

Department for Business Innovation and Skills

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills was formed in June 2009 following a merger of BERR and DIUS. BIS is the UK government's lead department for intellectual property matters. (See the entry below for the Department for Culture Media and Sport). 

Copyright World

Journal focusing on international copyright law

Department for Culture Media and Sport

Government department with responsibility for the creative industries including some aspects of intellectual property.

Design & Artists’ Copyright Society

Collecting society for British visual artists and photographers.  Artists should register under the Payback scheme to receive revenues for secondary use of their work

Design Business Association

Organisation for designers concentrating on business issues and offering training courses

Directors UK Ltd

Collecting society for film and television Directors

European Union

Portal for the European Union

Federation Against Copyright Theft

Combating counterfeiting and piracy on behalf of major industry players

Federation Against Software Theft

Illegal use of software can be reported through their website

Intellectual Property Institute

Promoting awareness and understanding of IP law, commissioning research, and publishing


Government agency responsible for intellectual property including copyright.

Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television

PACT represents the commercial interests of independent feature film, tv, animation and interactive media companies

Public Lending Right

Not copyright but related.  A source of revenue for authors


Strategic Advisory Body for Intellectual Property. SABIP was set up to provide government with strategic, independent and evidence-based advice on intellectual property policy.

US Copyright Office

Government Department responsible for copyright in the USA.


International organisation responsible for promoting and protecting all forms of intellectual property