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BECTU has a national asbestos register which is maintained by the union's solicitors, Thompsons. The union invites all members, across the union, who believe that they have been exposed to asbestos during the course of their work to use the register to record their details in case of future ill-health. 

 Asbestos Register imageThe Asbestos Register holds essential information to assist members exposed to asbestos in the event of future ill-health.

Download and complete the questionnaire to register

Why register?

The number of BECTU members seeking advice on asbestos issues is increasing.  However, because asbestos-related diseases normally only become apparent between 20 and 50 years after exposure, it can be difficult to establish precisely when and where exposure occurred.

All too often the firm, or firms, where the member worked has gone out of business and the names of former colleagues who may have been witnesses have long since been forgotten.

Therefore BECTU and the union's law firm, Thompsons, maintain a national asbestos register - a record of members who believe they have been exposed to the lethal dust through their work.  

The register is an invaluable database that can help to speed up compensation claims for members who become ill due to asbestos exposure.  It records critical information including the names of members, employers, witnesses, relevant workplaces and the dates involved.

"Holding this type of information on a database enables the union and Thompsons to search for witnesses who worked for the same employer, or in the same workplace at the time, and so obtain evidence in support of members' claims - now and in the future" explained research officer, Andy Egan.

The questionnaire, also attached to this page, should be completed and returned to Kate Ward, Thompsons Solicitors, 23 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4ER.