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A new PACT/BECTU agreement covering terms and conditions for crew in TV Drama comes into effect in December 2017. 

Until that time, the 2003 agreement continues to be a reference point. 

The PACT/BECTU Freelance Production Agreement (2003) lays down benchmarks for freelance engagements and is available to BECTU members to download from this page.

The issues covered include:

  • methods of engagement
  • methods of payment
  • work schedules and rest periods
  • meal breaks
  • travel and working on location
  • health and safety
  • force majeure
  • disputes and insurance.

The PACT/BECTU Agreement no longer sets out minimum rates of pay.

BECTU branches provide staff with guidance on recommended rates and these are set out in the Rates area. Union members who need advice on current going rates in areas of production not covered in the Rates area should contact the London Production Division at  BECTU Head Office.

Last page update 7 September 2017