BECTU has agreements with the BBC which cover rates of pay and conditions for some freelancers (and in some cases for casuals). The current documents are attached to this page.

BBC Scotland

Bectu’s agreement with BBC Scotland sets out the rates and conditions of employment for Freelances and Casuals for all BBC Scotland output which can be found here.

Crew memos for BBC drama

Crew Memos produced by the Drama Dept of BBC Television (April 2014) apply to productions of Casualty, Doctors, Eastenders and Holby City. The attachments also include the base template for Series & Serials.

 To raise a query regarding working conditions on BBC Drama productions contact


In April 2010, BECTU reached a landmark framework agreement with the BBC to represent freelancers engaged directly by the Corporation. The agreement is made up of a:

  • Modus Operandi which sets out the terms of the agreement and establishes a Freelance National Council, a pan-BBC forum to discuss issues affecting the BBC's freelance community.
  • A specific agreement covering Drama productions in BBC Vision.
  • A model agreement to cover other production genres eg Entertainment, Factual, to be implemented as BECTU demonstrates the agreed density of membership.

The agreement, referred to globally as the BBC Freelance Recognition document is available to BECTU members, subject to login, to download from this page. The agreement sits alongside the pre-existing agreements/understadings which apply to freelance/casual engagements managed by BBC Scotland. 

BBC Freelance Payment Portal

The new payment system was launched in October 2013. More info here. See also, attached to this page, the BBC's standard contracts for the self-employed/service companies and workers.

In addition to the support BECTU provides to freelancers and casuals at the BBC, there are a raft of policies affecting BBC staff which BECTU either negotiates or is consulted on. More info here

Last page update 29 March 2019.