BECTU is a sector of Prospect Union

See below for a list of BECTU's general officers, Sector Executive Committee representatives, industrial officials and specialist officials. Job titles have been updated as necessary to reflect the merger. 

General Officers

  • Head of BECTU: Philippa Childs
  • Joint Presidents: Jane Colclough and Ann Jones
  • Vice President: Andrea Gauld
  • Treasurer: Steve Grey

Sector Executive Committee 2016-2018

  • Arts & Entertainment: Steve Grey, Glen Keane, Gary Painter, Tracey Russell
  • BBC: Andrea Gauld, Gavin Moffitt, Glynn Thomas

  • Communications and Digital: Jane Colclough, Martin Aylett, Keith Flett, Caroline Sansom, Mike Cassidy, Graham Blunden/Carolyn Spence (job share), Steve Dickson/Alan Gooden (job share)

  • Independent Broadcasting: Ian Stewart
  • London Production: Mike Dick, Andrew Evans, Paula Lamont, Nick Ray, Nicole Young/Vidya Krishnamurthy (job share)
  • Regional Production: Christine Bond, John Handley, Liz Hardwick. 

Writing to the SEC

Branch officials or members, who wish to write to the SEC should include 'For the attention of the SEC' in the body of their email. Email correspondence should be sent to the head of BECTU's assistant Diane Lockwood.

Correspondence by post should also be marked 'For the Attention of the SEC' and should be addressed to Philippa Childs, Head of BECTU, BECTU, 373-377 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT.

Industrial officials

Arts & Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting Divisions

Communications and Digital

Enquirers to the team can also use these email addresses: and

Until further notice, members of the Communications and Digital division should continue to visit the Prospect website for industrial updates and membership information. 

London Production and Regional Production Divisions

* Part-time official.

Specialist officials

If you need assistance from a branch rep and have their contact details, do please contact them. If you have a query but are unsure who to address this to, you can send an email to our info address and this will be directed, during office hours, to the correct person. Check here for our office addresses.

Last page update 5 June 2019.