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Who's Who?

This is the list of the union's general officers, National Executive Committee representatives, full-time officials and specialist officials.

General Officers

  • General Secretary: Gerry Morrissey
  • President: Jane Perry
  • Vice President: Ann Jones
  • Treasurer: Douglas McGill

National Executive Committee 2014-2016

  • Arts & Entertainment: Kevin Carson, Steve Grey, Douglas McGill
  • BBC: Andrea Gauld, Carmen Locke, Nicola Savage
  • Independent Broadcasting: Keith Stokes
  • London Production: Nicole Cohen/Karen Young (job-share), Mike Dick, Peter McInerney, Nick Ray
  • Regional Production: John Handley, Ann Jones.

Branch officials or members, who wish to write to the NEC should include 'For the attention of the NEC' in the body of their email. Email correspondence should be sent to the general secretary's assistant Diane Lockwood.

Correspondence by post should also be marked 'For the Attention of the NEC' and should be addressed to Gerry Morrissey, General Secretary, BECTU, 373-377 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT.

Head Office staff

Full-time officials

Arts & Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting Divisions

London Production and Regional Production Divisions

If you have a query, but are unsure who to address this to, you can send an email to our info address and this will be directed, during office hours, to the correct person. Check here for our office addresses.

Last page update 25 January 2016.  

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