BECTU Conference 2004 Agenda

Below are links for the agenda of the BECTU Annual Conference 2004:
  • Summary Agenda and Standing Orders
    Summary Agenda and Standing Orders for Annual Conference.
  • Annual Conference 2004 Report of NEC (National Executive Committee):
    • Paragraphs 1-36
      The National Executive Committee, Proposition 1/04 (AP1) General Officers, Proposition 2/04 (SRS2) Rule Book Appendix C, Obituaries, Conference, Proposition 3/04 (AP2) Venue of conference, Appeals Committee, Financial, Property project
    • Paragraphs 37-102
      Membership, Proposition 4/04 (AP10) BECTU badge, Proposition 5/04 (SRS1) Rule 9(b)(i), Life and honorary members, Proposition 6/04 (AP6) Retirement branch, Proposition 7/04 (AP7) Retired members' forum, The BECTU Staff Retirement Scheme, BECTU's staffing, Federation of Entertainment Unions, Trades Union Congress etc., The Hutton Inquiry, Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party Conference, Political fund review ballot, Directors' Guild of Great Britain, Alliance for the Protection of Copyright, International, Affiliations, Proposition 8/04 (AP20) UAF affiliation, Proposition 9/04 (AP21) Affiliation to the Stop the War Coalition, Proposition 10/04 (AP22) Resignation of the Prime Minister, Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund
    • Paragraphs 103-253
      The BECTU History Project, Industrial overview, Proposition 11/04 (AP15) BBC Technology sell-off, Recruitment, retention and training strategy, Proposition 12/04 (AP3) Membership retention
    • Paragraphs 254-386
      Education and training, Equality, Proposition 13/04 (AP18) Diversity and access on television, Proposition 14/04 (AP19) Public holidays, Latin American Committee, Proposition 15/04 (AP5) Services for unemployed members, Services to members, Proposition 16/04 (AP13) Broadcasting in Scotland, Proposition 17/04 (AP14) Broadcasting regulation, Proposition 18/04 (AP16) Film distribution, Proposition 19/04 (AP17) Feature films, Proposition 20/04 (AP12) Safety, Proposition 21/04 (AP11) Health and Safety official, Proposition 22/04 (AP4) Information Officer, Proposition 23/04 (AP8) Stage Screen & Radio, Proposition 24/04 (AP9) Stage Screen & Radio
    • Appendix A
      Propositions carried and remitted at the 2003 Conference

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